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The design of your office space, including office furniture, is an important business decision. 

You want your office to support your goals, your culture, your vision & your purpose. You want office furniture that increases innovation, collaboration & productivity. You want your office space to be a concrete representation of your brand. After all… the entire point of having an office is to support the people who work there.


You put your people first.

So do we.

Riviera Furniture Line

For over 75 years, Riviera has maintained a stellar reputation for quality professional office furniture, exceptional pricing, and fast, dependable delivery. Office Interiors is proud to have been selected as the exclusive distributors of Riviera office furniture in the entire state of Colorado.

New Office Furniture

Our extensive portfolio of office furniture options and experienced interior designers ensure that we have the selection and styles to create beautiful, efficient, work-supporting offices to suite any size layout and budget.

Used & Refurbished Office Furniture

A tight budget doesn’t have to stand in the way of high-quality, comfortable, ergonomically designed office furniture that compliments your culture and showcases your brand. Used and refurbished office furniture is often the best solution for beautiful office spaces on a shoestring budget.

Modern & Contemporary Furniture

Clean, streamlined work environments that leave plenty of room for creative thinking and innovation. Our selection of Modern & Contemporary Office Furniture embraces the move toward unconventional workplaces that break the mold of what an “office” is supposed to look like.


Office Furniture

For an office that represents sophistication and timeless elegance, Classic Office Furniture design is ideal. Our selection of Classic Office Furniture includes desks, chairs, and tables with rich design, gorgeous wood grain and decorative accents.

Industrial Style Office Furniture

Industrial Office Furniture is about a raw, unfinished look that’s as much about function as style. Our designers can create an upscale “warehouse look” for your office space that combines thoughtfully designed industrial pieces with warmer elements ranging from earthy to polished.

Executive Office Furniture

Your office makes a personal statement about you and your organization. Our portfolio of executive office furniture options is designed to optimize productivity and organization across a variety of styles, from from modern & contemporary to classic and industrial office furniture designs.

Lobby & Reception Office Furniture

The design of your office lobby or reception area has a huge impact on the first impression people have of your business. Our designers offer flexible design options for an efficient use of space that caters to visitors while introducing them to your company’s culture and brand.

Benching Systems

Benching systems are a creative solution that creates unified, flexible workspaces that place a greater focus on a team environment than on individual workspaces. Our designers can help you create innovative workstations using the latest in community-centric benching system designs.

Open Plan Systems

Our portfolio of open plan system options includes collaborative workstations, multipurpose seating, and architectural wall systems that create the flexibility for spaces to grow and evolve over time. Our designers will create a plan for your office space to maximize space, agility and cooperation.


For anyone who spends hours every day working at a desk, the design of their workstations is a tremendous contributor to productivity, personal comfort, and overall work satisfaction. Our designers can help you create workstations that maximize productivity and comfort.

Space Saving Furniture

Even small offices deserve places to work that are comfortable and support the work that needs to happen within the space. The latest designs in space saving office furniture include innovative workstations that are well organized, with everything you need within easy reach.

The average person spends 1900 hours per year at work. Every minute should be time well spent.

Let our interior designers create the perfect design for your office….

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