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  • “I really enjoyed working with Office Interiors Denver. Made buying furniture a fun and somewhat painless experience considering the budget constraints, time constraints, and the numerous layouts we were dealing with.”

    Audrey Russell Spirae

The Options You Need for The Office Furniture You Love

The best options in Denver for new & used office furniture financing solutions

For every new and used office furniture project, large or small, our highest priority is complete customer satisfaction. We want you to love everything about your office space – the layout, the design, the style and comfort of your office furniture… everything. We also want you to love the process of working with us, and go to great lengths to make every project as easy and hassle free for our clients as possible.

That’s why we’ve partnered with several trusted agencies that offer excellent financing options.  We know from experience that budgetary restrictions are a reality, and finding the best financing options for your new office furniture is the last thing our customers want to add to their to-do list. Our leasing partners were chosen for their reputation for no hassle, cost-effective solutions and great customer service.

Each of our leasing agency partners finance complete projects, enabling you to combine services, furniture, and equipment from multiple vendors and manufacturers on a single lease with fixed monthly payments that fit your budget. Financing options are also available for new, used and refurbished furniture, allowing you to select the option that’s right for your business.

There are many reasons why our clients choose to finance their new office furniture, including:

  • The ability to conserve working capital. Financing your new office furniture project frees up working capital for operational expenses and necessary business investments.
  • Preserves your credit line. Financing your new office furniture allows you to keep lines of credit open for unexpected expenses and emergencies.
  • 100% financing for your entire office furniture project, not just the office furniture. No down payments are required and all costs are covered, including freight, installation and taxes.
  • Fixed, low-interest rates. Our partners offer fixed interest rates and payments, protecting you from inflation, recession or stock market volatility.
  • Off-balance-sheet financing. If you are concerned about your debt ratio, our partners offer off-balance-sheet accounting for qualifying leases.
  • Tax advantages. Our partners provide options that allow you to defer sales tax over the lease term. Qualified payments may even reduce tax liabilities.
  • Flexible payments and terms. Leasing options include no money down, extended terms, flexible payments, equipment additions and even project upgrades.
  • Fast approval. Each of our leasing partners offer quick credit approvals so that you can get your office furniture project started as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about financing options for your office furniture project, contact us today. We’ll connect you to the right financing options for your project and your business.

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