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  • “I really enjoyed working with Office Interiors Denver. Made buying furniture a fun and somewhat painless experience considering the budget constraints, time constraints, and the numerous layouts we were dealing with.”

    Audrey Russell Spirae

Office Furniture Installation & Project Management

There’s a lot more to furnishing a functional, efficient office space than selecting office furniture. Most work spaces require different pieces for different functions, as well as management of multiple components, ports and electrical wiring for lighting, computer cabling and other office equipment needs. Multiple vendors are often involved to manage electrical, cabling, and furniture installation.

Even if they wanted to, our customers simply don’t have time to manage the multitude of details involved in furnishing an office. And they certainly don’t want to to handle the furniture’s installation. That’s fine. Creating beautiful, functional workspaces is our job, after all, not theirs.

When you choose to work with Office Interiors Denver, we’ll assign a project manager to handle every detail of your office furniture project for you. Our team of experienced furniture installers are knowledgeable about every brand of furniture we offer and trained in safe, efficient techniques. With every project, large or small, our goal is to make the entire process as hassle free and pleasant as possible for our customers.

Your project manager will work with our designers to ensure each piece of furniture meets business requirements, fits well in the space, and is placed in the room in a way that makes sense to workflow and design. They will manage estimates, vendor coordination, and oversee furniture installation to keep the project on time and in budget. The result is a smooth transition into your new office space – from planning to design to installation – with no detail overlooked.

Whether you are installing new, used or refurbished office furniture, we’ll leave you with a clean office, furniture installed according to pre-approved plans, and ready for immediate use.

Contact our design team today to discuss how we can support you. Because, just like you, your people are our #1 priority.

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