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Frequently Asked Questions

Great minds think alike. Our most frequently asked questions about new and used office furniture, layout and design.

Q: We need new professional office furniture but are operating on a limited budget. Is it possible to get used office furniture that is still high-quality and looks nice? Are we limiting our style options if we rely on discount office furniture?

A: A tight budget doesn’t have to stand in the way of furnishing your office with high-quality, comfortable, ergonomically designed office furniture that compliments your culture and showcases your brand. Used and refurbished office furniture often is the best solution for businesses who want to provide a quality working environment for their staff and impressive spaces in which to invite clients.

Our extensive network of office furniture resources means we can offer a wide selection of top quality brand-name used office furniture at a significant discount including desks, office chairs, conference tables, executive office furniture, and lobby and reception office furniture. Our talented team of interior designers and office space planners will not only work to locate the used office furniture that best suits your needs, they will help create the most efficient layout for your space. This means that you receive a beautifully furnished office space while saving time, money and stress.

Q: Our current office furniture doesn’t do much to showcase our brand. We need options to create an office that is unique to us and doesn’t look standard or typical. Do you offer a wide variety of office furniture resources or just one type of style and brand?

A: We specialize in helping businesses across Colorado create custom designed work spaces that support their brand, culture, productivity and priorities. We represent more than 13 quality professional office furniture brands and are proud to have been selected as the exclusive distributors of Riviera office furniture.

Our extensive portfolio of high quality executive office furniture, reception and lobby furniture, open plan and benching office furniture, workstation office furniture, space saving office furniture, and more include options to fit any décor, layout and budget.

Q: We have a lot of different opinions about the style of office furniture that best represents our brand and our culture. Can you help us come to a unified decision about what our office furniture should look like?

A: Yes! Our space planners and interior designers have decades of experience helping clients create the layout and design for new and used office furniture that supports their culture, brand, and most importantly, their people. We’ll visit your office to fully understand your organizational style, culture, workflow, goals and ideas. Then, we’ll create a plan that gets everyone on the same page as to what your office space should look like in order to showcase who you are as an organization.

Q: We need to furnish our office now, but plan on significant growth over the next few years. How do we create a design for our office that will be scalable and grow with us?

A: Furnishing an office space is a significant investment for most organizations. Just like every other business decision, if you want a high ROI on your investment, it’s important to start with strategy. Our space planners and designers will create a workplace strategy for your office that aligns your work patterns and business requirements with the physical realities of the space to ensure optimal performance and reduced costs.

We’ll consider workflow and growth goals along with collaboration, presentation, virtual conference and meeting requirements, and create a strategy for a high-performance office customized to fit the way you work. Your workplace strategy will be completely scalable, designed to grow with you and adapt to future requirements.

Q: Before making any decisions about purchasing office furniture, we want to be able to see what the end result will look like. Will you create models that allow us to visualize the plan for the space and how our new office furniture will look?

A: Absolutely. The design of your office space, and comfort and functionality of your office furniture, is a tremendous contributor to how much your people love being at work – and how much work gets done. It’s important to have a complete understanding of what you’re getting before the first order for office furniture is placed.

Using using industry-standard space planning software, we’ll turn your new office design into a visual reality. Then we’ll work with you to select the right office furniture to support your workplace strategy, design and budgetary requirements. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and what to expect every step along the way.

Q: Our office is made up of a lot of different people coming and going at different times, most of which need a flexible workspace and plenty of room to collaborate. Could office benching systems be a good solution for us?

A: Office “benching” is a creative solution that creates unified, flexible workspaces that promote open collaboration and the sharing of ideas between colleagues. Benching systems place a greater focus on a team environment than on individual workspaces. With a large portfolio of office furniture design options at their fingertips, our designers can help you create innovative workstations using the latest in community-centric benching system designs.

A multitude of options is available, allowing the right mix of privacy and collaboration to suit your company’s culture and purpose. Benching systems are available in any décor and incorporate a variety of materials including glass, metal, laminate and fabrics.

Q: Everyone in our office is extremely busy with limited time to devote to furnishing our office. Can you help us manage the process of ordering and installing new office furniture with limited downtime and disruption to our work commitments?

A: You are not alone. Our customers range from small start-ups to large established organizations and cover a variety of industries, but they all have one thing in common: They need to furnish their office with minimal downtime and limited requirements on their staff’s precious time.

Our decades of experience in the industry has allowed us to develop a tightly honed process for creating beautifully custom designed, functional office spaces, while removing the burden of responsibility for managing the multitude of details and vendors involved in furnishing an office from our clients’ shoulders.

With every project, large or small, our goal is to make the entire process as hassle free and pleasant as possible for our customers. Our space planners, designers, project managers and furniture installation experts will manage all the details so that you don’t have to.

Q: We have big plans and ideas but a small office space in which to work. Can you create a creative office design and layout that includes space saving office furniture options to make working in a small space more efficient and comfortable?

A: Even small offices deserve places to work that are comfortable and support the work that needs to happen within the space. The latest designs in space saving office furniture include innovative workstations designed so that everything you need is well organized and within easy reach. Creative options in desks, storage and architectural walls take up little room without skimping on style. Our portfolio of beautiful, minimalist, ergonomic designs can help you ensure maximum use of space while conforming to your company’s purpose and culture.

Q: The nature of our work requires a high-level of collaborative amongst everyone in our office. We’ve heard that an open plan design might be a good option for us. Can you help us come up with a plan for office furniture and layout options that help us work better together?

A: For many organizations, the requirements of the workplace are changing to support evolving technologies and a shift towards work that melds personal focus with group collaboration. Our portfolio of open plan system options includes collaborative workstations, multipurpose seating, and architectural wall systems that create the flexibility for spaces to grow and evolve over time. Our designers can help you create a plan for your office space that maximizes space, agility and cooperation.

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