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Better Your Day with a Keyboard Tray

 In Ergonomics, Office Interiors Denver

A keyboard tray will keep you comfortable all day long.


“It’s Not For Me”

I’ve heard it many times, “it’s not for me”. Many people have said they “just don’t like them” or they “feel weird” while using keyboard trays. That can come  from a lack of familiarity or understanding. Admit it, you weren’t exactly comfortable or familiar with a car when you first started driving. It was awkward, uncomfortable and “felt weird”. But now you’re a pro at driving and it is second nature to you. Now there are certain circumstances where they just aren’t feasible, but those are few and far in between. My goal is educate you and help you understand how keyboard trays operate so that you can become familiar and comfortable using them all day long.

The Benefits

Let’s get straight to the point and list out the benefits of using a keyboard tray, shall we? Keyboard trays will clear up clutter on the desk. While this one is quite obvious, it is also worth mentioning. Without your keyboard and mouse sitting on your desktop, you have a lot more real estate to put more important things (reports, client files, memos and even your coffee gets a front row seat). Your wrists and shoulders won’t hurt at the end of the day. Ever have one of those days where your wrists and shoulders are just killing you? Pop in come pain killers and move on, that’s seems the be the corse of action. But these symptoms can come from your body not being in it’s natural relaxed state. When you have your arms up on your desk typing, they’re not in their natural position. Also your wrists are bent upwards which can cause that pain you feel on the underside (sometimes causing carpal tunnel syndrome).

Let’s Exercise

No, I’m not talking about going to the gym or getting your steps in for the day. Do this exercise with me. Place your arms up on your desk and sit like you would be typing for the day. Now slowly back you chair up while holding your arms in the east same place, not letting them drop. How long can you hold them there?…Keep going…getting uncomfortable yet? OK, now while still being backed away from your desk, let your arms relax onto your lap like you would be watching TV at home. How much more comfortable is that? What if you could work like that all day long? Sounds pretty great doesn’t it? Well, the dream is possible.

The Practicality and Use

So know you have a good understanding of the benefits and how you would ideally like to work. Once people get here they still have one more hurdle to leap over, the use and conditioning of using a keyboard tray.

First of all, you want to make sure you are getting a product that suits your specific needs. There are options beyond options when it comes to keyboard trays and it can be quite daunting. Luckily here at Office Interiors Denver, we have trained and friendly professionals that can fit you into your specific needs. Just like a pair of pants, if it doesn’t fit of course you’re not going to like it and not want to use them. So make sure you get something suited to YOU.

Secondly, you have to get used to using a keyboard tray. Yes, it can be awkward at first (just like driving); but trust me, the benefits outweigh the temporary awkwardness. For a small experiment, this blog was written on a laptop sitting on the desk. No keyboard tray, no fancy pads, nothing. Just on the desk like 90% of the population does. And let me tell you, I am beyond uncomfortable just in the short time it took to write this blog. I will definitely be getting back to my keyboard tray. I have no idea how I ever worked without one and don’t intend to in the future.


Author: Jeramey Reed


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